Hong Kong 2002, Master Lok Yiu al suo 80° compleanno

SiFu Lok Yiu was one of the most respected and outstanding Wing Chun Gung Fu Masters in Hong Kong. His persistence, dedication and sacrifice to the Arts were the pillars of his Legendary Martial Arts accomplishments and deservedly earn him the highest praise in the hearts of all Wing Chun Practitioners.
In 1950, SiFu Lok Yiu became the 2nd Disciple of our Grand Master SiFu Yip Man in Hong Kong, and he was an early member of the first group of Wing Chun students from the Restaurant Union Association in Tai Nam Street, Shum Shui Po, Kowloon. His serious devotion to the Art and his SiFu Yip Man was well known. In those early years, they lived together, like father and son to survive in Hong Kong.

Master Yip Man and our Si Gung Lok Yiu

As a result of his natural talent and dedication to consistent, extensive, consecutive daily training, he earned the true essence of Wing Chun Gung Fu. He was one of the exceedingly outstanding Wing Chun men with deep insight and knowledge of our Art. SiFu Lok Yiu opened his first Gung Fu School to the Public in 1961, the Lok Yiu Wing Chun Kuen Koon on Ki Lung Street Shum Shui Po Kowloon, and later on moved to the current address 8th Floor., 659, Shanghai Street, Monk Kok, Kowloon.
Over the decades, SiFu Lok Yiu taught and promoted Wing chun and produced many outstanding students all over the world. His excellent Reputation in the Martial Art field is a direct result to his uncompromising dedication and serious approach to Wing Chun.

Hong Kong 1992, The family Lok with my Sifu W. Blech

In 1996, at the earnest request of Mr Philip Choy, the Chief Superintendent of Hong Kong Police, they established the Hong Kong Police Chinese Wu shu Club, and appointed SiFu Lok Yiu as the chief Instructor for the Organization.
On 6th February 2006, SiFu Lok Yiu passed away at the age of eighty-three and left us in deep grief. The fading of this Legendary Wing Chun figure is a great loss to the Martial Art world and the Wing Chun Family. Fortunately, his knowledge and spirit is survived by his twin sons, SiFu Lok Keng Kong and SiFu Lok Keng Sang, both of whom acquired the true Art forms of their father. Hopefully, they will carry on the Legacy and Dignity of Wing Chun for the generations to come.

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