After fifty years, our historic Wing Chun school located in Hong Kong will be abandoned. Unfortunately, the owner has left us with no choice.
It is not just a piece of Wing Chun history, but a place where Siba Kwong recalls Yip Man teaching him the fundamentals of Wing Chun as a child, or seeing his father Lok Yiu playing Mah Jong after lessons.

As for myself, I started training in that house in 2002. For twenty years, I had the honor of learning and practicing within those walls. Over the years, I have also brought many of my own students there.

In that house, I have sweated and learned so much. I remember the jing Seng soup that Siba prepared for me once when I was sick. I remember Simo, the wife of my Si Gung Lok Yiu, coming to offer us fresh fruit during training.
I recall the countless and lengthy conversations about Wing Chun, all our questions, and their patient answers. I remember every meter of that place, where I changed, where I hung my shirts, where I sat to rest for a few minutes.

The old Hong Kong school will forever remain in my heart and in the memories of all the students who have been with me, even just once. But as Siba says, we must accept that things change in life and move forward.
This coming October, I will be there again with a group of students, and… we will train for the first time in the new school!

I would like to thank my Sihing Jonathan Ma for the translation and SYMEDIALAB for this emotional video.

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